Selected Commercials, PSAs & Shorts

Summer Productions has produced over 1,000 commercials, PSAs and shorts.

Martin Luther King, JR Memorial

Three shorts produced for Alpha Phi Alpha announcing the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial on the Washington Mall promoted the international design competition, design selection process, and design winner.

UPMC Podcast: Robotic Rehab

Robotics and gaming systems are beginning to play a key role in rehabilitation medicine. Take a look to see what makes these devices such a valuable part of recovery.
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On the street, people say what concerns they have about their health care. Find out what people have on their minds.
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Fitness Challenge

Are you in as good shape as you think? Out on the street, find out how fit people think they are and how fit they really are.
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AES Corporation Safety Vignette

A safety message to employees of AES Corporation, the global power company in 21 countries across 5 continents. Distributed in seven languages, this video stresses to all employees the necessity and urgency to employ safe practices every day, everywhere.

Powering the Planet

At a conference held at CalTech in Pasadena, CA, world renowned scientists address the importance of research and development of new and economical materials to power the planet.