Selected Client & Viewer Comments

"Thank you for telling this story. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into not only making it good, but passionate and impactful..."
Teresa, Every Breath Counts

"Our story was heard across America, and I know it has made a difference."
Amy, An Emerging Epidemic

" Even as I am telling will not cry at work, you will not cry at work, the tears were pouring down my face. It is hugely emotional, powerful, and beautiful. It tells quite a compelling story."
Alana, Every Breath Counts

"What a knockout job Summer Productions did. Everything was just perfect, and I can never say thank you enough. Well done."
Bill, Every Breath Counts

"The entire program represents a new standard in broadcasting. An intelligent and clear presentation of information, illustrated with interesting images and artfully assembled. I have not seen this quality of work since LIFELINE enjoyed it's all too brief run on NBC 30 years ago."
Larry, A Heartbeat Away from Stroke

"The show was really impressive in that you got such great characters and let them tell their stories, warts and all. Their honesty in describing their situations was engaging; there was no sugar-coating to come up with a feel-good message as happens so often in medical shows."
Bob, Every Breath Counts

"From someone who spent 30 years in the media, that is an amazing piece. Exceedingly powerful! There can't be a more visceral piece on any television channel the day this airs."
Chuck, Life Changing Medicine: Emergency and Trauma

"It's such a powerful documentary!"
Anne, An Emerging Epidemic

"You all did a beautiful job conveying so much information. Thank you again!"
Erin, An Emerging Epidemic

"Everyoe who worked with you and your team raved about working with you. Many thanks."
Rob, Pain Matters

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