Summer's Production Team

Summer Productions has a core team of award-winning producers, writers, editors, cinematographers, designers, programmers, multimedia developers, and marketing experts and combines its creative expertise with appropriate subject expertise to produce engaging, effective products (see selections in Summer Production's awards).

Jonathan Lawhead, Principal

Director, Producer, Editor

Jonathan Lawhead has more than 20 years of industry experience as a producer of high quality award winning documentary television.

Jonathan began his production experience at Summer Productions as an editor and writer for Discovery Education, then producer and director of original programs. Since 2008, Jonathan has taken the helm at Summer Productions as principal and leads with a wide range of background experience.

Working with a talented production and marketing team, Jonathan has experience managing multiple projects simultaneously – taking a project from beginning conception to delivery – and broadcast. With clients from prominent networks including Discovery Channel and TLC and organizations that include the World Bank, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pearson-Prentice Hall in partnership with Discovery Education, Boerhinger-Ingelheim and others (see selections in Summer Production's client list). Jonathan and his team have filmed on location internationally and across the US, producing dozens of original documentaries for broadcast, re-versioned hundreds of episodes for US audiences for Discovery Networks, produced hundreds of shorts for client Websites, and developed content and design for multimedia distribution on DVD, web, podcast, and iTunes.

Jonathan with his team develop targeted marketing and awareness campaigns, designing and producing websites, print ads, and html emails and using other multimedia to reach specific audiences.

For Jonathan, the common denominator is compelling and passionate storytelling and high quality production and design.

Helen Devitt Holt

Founder, Co-Principal

Helen’s career began as a photographer and researcher in Vietnam and includes more than three decades of documentary film production, first in the 1980s as co-principal of Devitt Jones Productions based in Dhaka Bangladesh, Cairo Egypt, and Washington DC, working with clients that included USAID, UNDP, The World Bank, CIDA, DANIDA and NASA. Helen’s earliest work with Discovery was through feature segments produced for World Monitor’s nightly 7:00 pm news that aired on the newly launched Discovery Channel.

From Feb 1990, Helen worked for several years as a member of Discovery Channel’s production team. In June 1992 Helen was given the opportunity by Discovery Education to found Summer Productions and launch with Discovery’s daily week-day program “Assignment Discovery”, TLC’s weekly half hour-long “TLC Elementary School” for younger children, and a complementary web-based service with lesson plans for teachers and activities and interactive learning games for students.

Over the last twenty-two years with Summer Productions, Helen has had the privilege to work on hundreds of projects with more than fifty different clients, including many of the Discovery Networks and National Geographic and with corporations and non-profits that include NSF, AfriCare, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Young Americans Bank, Caltech, Alpha Phi Alpha, Eesti Televisioon with Summer Productions winning more than a hundred awards.

Helen assists with production management and new project development.